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Fort Lee, New Jersey, USA

Charim is a banchan shop and so much more. It is an extension of its proprietor, the generous, kind, welcoming, creative and enthusiastic Sandy Han. All of these qualities work their way into her delicious and delicately balanced Korean food. Her love of flavor, food and feeding others allows all of her customers to be family at her table.

When you enter Charim you have so much possibility as to what you can put on your table and nourish your body with. The integrity of the ingredients are paramount and Sandy goes above and beyond to source the freshest and highest quality, from the wild perilla oil to the sun-dried squid and the organic tofu.

We could wax poetic about our favorite dishes here – bossam, haemul soondubu jiggae, japchae, galbijim, dubujiim, and the mandoo!
For those of you in-the-know on Korean food you will have a field day at Charim, but if you are new to the pleasures of Korean cuisine, Charim is your place to get educated dish by dish and flavor by flavor until, before you know it, your fridge looks like ours – stocked with Charim’s addictive gochujang, saamjang and various kimchi at the ready. The knowledgeable staff are ready to help you put together your meal and point you into the direction of new favorites that you have yet to try.

We highly recommend following Sandy on Instagram and keeping an eye-out for her stories to see what’s cooking on a daily basis – but warning, cravings will ensue!

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