PappasBland are contemporary photographers based in Berkshire County, Massachusetts.




Welcome to our first art drop, exclusive to newsletter subscribers.

This is the debut of our collection of work from the Perth Amboy dumpster. We invite you to enlarge the photographs below and revel in the details. Is this not the dumpster of a thousand abstracts? We could visit it again and again and find new elements worthy of focus. Just imagine what rusting beauty may have been hidden away, obscured by the garbage contained within. What if it was rained upon and then illuminated by the sun, what new visual qualities would then be revealed? For us, the dumpster presented itself half-full (or half-empty?) and in direct sunlight – but thankfully accessible to us, both inside and out.


Photographs by Diana Pappas & Tom Bland

We are offering prints from this collection for a limited time only, ending June 10, 2023. These prints will not be available for at least a year after the close of this art drop.


The vertical prints are available in sizes 16 x 24” and 20 x 30” and include a half-inch white border to facilitate easy matting and framing. If you are located in the United States we also offer a custom framing option. These prints feature an additional 1.75” visible white border (no mat). The artwork is drymounted on foamcore and framed in a slim white or black wooden frame with a 0.5” spacer.

Dimensions of the framed pieces are:
16 x 24” print once framed measures 21 x 29"
20 x 30” print once framed measures 25 x 35"

The horizontal prints are only available as 30 x 45" unframed prints with a 1" white border. They are best appreciated at this larger scale – a smaller size wouldn't do them justice. If you look closely, you'll see two of the vertical artworks within these expansive contexts.


- Printed on heavyweight luster photography paper (300gsm) using archival pigment inks

- Artwork is made to order (open edition), signed and dated on the reverse, includes a certificate of authenticity

- Orders begin production immediately and ship after approx 7 days

- Print is carefully packaged for transit and shipped with UPS worldwide, includes tracking and free US shipping

- Delivery guaranteed

- Payments processed by Stripe

Title: Rust Strokes
Location: Perth Amboy, NJ, USA
Artist: Diana Pappas

Beyond the obvious interaction of colors, lines and shapes there is an element of sound that remains unheard, muted for us in the present but unimaginably loud back when these lines and shapes were formed. There is peace to be found in this silence.

Unavailable until June 2024

Title: Rust Bolt
Location: Perth Amboy, NJ, USA
Artist: Diana Pappas

How can I describe that sudden pull we get as artists when we see a subject worthy of our attention? It almost feels magnetic. The lightning bolt of rust powers through this frame in a way that I imagine the neurons fire in an artist's brain when that creative spark is lit.

Unavailable until June 2024.

Title: J Rust
Location: Perth Amboy, NJ, USA
Artist: Tom Bland

We’ll never know what materials got slammed into this dumpster to create this perfect J set amongst so much texture, but we can certainly admire the unintentional penmanship. We’ll keep our eyes open for the rest of the alphabet!  

Unavailable until June 2024.

Title: Dumpster Interior Landscape
Location: Perth Amboy, NJ, USA
Artist: Diana Pappas

Years of use have transformed the interior of this dumpster. We can imagine it in its pristine state before it started interacting with the outside world, and once that happened it was forever changed. For the better? I would argue that is the case. There's a metaphor here somewhere but I'll leave it to you, the viewer, to work it out...

Unavailable until June 2024.

Title: Rusted Pollock
Location: Perth Amboy, NJ, USA
Artist: Diana Pappas

Click into this image, explore it. Endlessly fascinating forms reveal themselves as the eye dances around this composition. The range of rusty tones stretch from muted brick red to a hot lava flow within an expansive sea of teal. Taking a step back from the tighter compositions that I am used to meant committing right there and then to a larger print size – a departure from how I typically compose.

Now available in our Permanent Collection.

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